Luke Crawford

Without going round the Wrekin, I’m a proud brummie through and through. I’ve sat in that traffic around spaghetti junction, partied on the sticky dance floor in old snobs and eaten at Mr Egg too many times to count. 

I can’t do a forward roll but I can gambol. I’m not a fan of rolls but I love a cob and I’ll argue with anybody that we are Britain’s second city! 

I grew up listening to Brmb like everyone else and dreamt of one day joining the presenter team. I got my chance back in the early 2000s and had a blast hosting overnights as well as lots of outside events and Christmas light switch ons across the city. There was nothing better than celebrating our rich culture and amazing people! 

Like thousands of other Brummies, I was gutted when Brmb disappeared from the airwaves and I cannot tell you how excited I am that Brmb is back and putting the “local” into local radio again just like it always did. 

After around 16 years away, I am honoured to be able to broadcast on Brmb once again. 


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