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Why radio advertising?

Radio is as human as a phone call and as persuasive as a best friend. It can change your mood faster than the sun breaking through the clouds. Advertising on BRMB Radio in Birmingham works!

In a noisy world, radio’s inherent simplicity is also it’s great strength. It's also why radio is so powerful.

Radio is persuasive, enlightening, disruptive, and entertaining.

There are umpteen compelling reasons to choose radio. But ultimately, it's because radio delivers the goods for advertisers time and time again!

Wherever and whenever people want to consume music and entertainment, BRMB Radio is there on FM and DAB Digital Radio across Birmingham, on your smart speaker, and online. As the only commercial station that’s made in Birmingham all day, every day, we’re also packed with local news, local travel, local weather, and local sport.

Our target audience of 25 to 55-year-olds is a compelling reason to make us part of your advertising mix. These consumers traditionally have a high disposable income and a discerning attitude, and we make it our business to impress them on a day-to-day basis. And we broadcast to a potential audience across Birmingham.

Our listeners are the decision-makers in life, but they are still fun-loving and risk-taking. We’re in their homes, their workplace, their cars, and their heads, and we can get your message out to them. The facts speak for themselves.

• Radio is the fastest-growing medium, with its 12.5% growth putting it ahead of the entire market, including the Internet.

• 88% of adults regularly listen to the radio every week, with 63% of all listening now done via a digital or online platform.

• 68% of listening is done at home, while 64% of people consume radio on the move and 22% in the office.

• 32% of adults (and 44% of under-25s) actively engage with their radio station online, primarily through social media. 

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